Advisory Panel

Dr. I Mian

Dr. I. Mian has dual qualification as a doctor and dental surgeon. He has worked in Maxillo-Facial Units at Charing Cross, Westminster, and Kings College Hospitals. Dr. I. Mian is the leading Medical Ozone Therapy Trainer in the UK. He has developed new techniques in the provision of ozone therapy due to his extensive experience and expertise.

Dr. Stefan Tiron

He is a member of the International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy. He is also one of the leading experts in the world in Posturology. President of the Romanian Ozone Association and is a leading authority in the use of medical ozone for pain management.

Prof. Dr. Ziad Fahmy

A specialist in rheumatology and orthopedics in Germany. He is the president of the medical society for the use of ozone in prevention and therapy. He is the Author of the application of ozone therapy in pain management, rheumatic and orthopaedic disease.

Steven Karim Clin.Chem BMS

Is the Founder and CEO of the Ozone Society. He has a background in clinical biochemistry with 10 years NHS expereince. Started ozone therapy in 1996 and has been practicing for 20 years. He is also the founder of the medical ozone research institute that provides educational training in ozone therapy. The ozone society is the UK's first professional body for ozone therapy health practioners.

Ozone Society UK's 1st Professional Body For Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone Research Institiute

We specialise in educating and training Medical Doctors, Dentists and Nurses to Allied Health Professionals, to develop the scientific principles and clinical understanding, to attain the expertise to perform medical ozone in their practice

European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies

The Ozone Society and its members support the work and abide by the guidelines and ethics set out by the European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies. The foundation is based upon the Low-Dose Concept Guidelines and Treatment Strategies.

International Scientific Committe Of Ozone Therapy

We support the ethos and intention that has been put together by the International Scientific Committe Of Ozone Therapy. The Ozone Society and it members are in agreement with the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy

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