Registered Companies

Practitioners who are listed on our registered practitioners webpage have been vetted and verified. You can also find The Ozone Society Seal on the practitioner's website and marketing material or for their clinic.

Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan

For more than 55 Years Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan is specialized in Ozone-Oxygen-Therapy.
In addition to ozone technology, the company has also devoted itself to basic scientific research and clarification on the application forms of ozone therapy, thus developing a safe, simple and effective treatment method now recognized worldwide.


At Glozone we searched worldwide to find the best quality Ozonated Cosmetics for our Customers. Having met the criteria, the products are of an exceptionally high quality using Ozonated Cold Pressed Organic Olive oil as a base and not tested on animals.


Pharmi-tech can design and manufacture customised innovative ozone generators that meet your specific credentials. We produce cost-effective prototypes quickly without compromising on quality. We manage your entire product from concept to commercialisation.

Ozone Society UK's 1st Professional Body For Ozone Therapy

European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies

The Ozone Society and it's members support the work and abide by the guidelines and ethic's set out by the European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Socieities. The foundation is based upon the Low-Dose Concept Guidelines and Treatment Strategies.

International Scientific Committe Of Ozone Therapy

We support the ethos and intention that has been put together by the International Scientific Committe Of Ozone Therapy. The Ozone Society and it members are in agreement with the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy

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